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Ceiling fans have been utilized for years to ‘condition’ the air inside homes and businesses. Early in the existence of domestic electrical usage, we began to benefit from electricity with products for the comfort and ease of people.

Ceiling Fan History

Electric ceiling fans began to be developed in the late 1800’s. Popularity grew until the introduction of ‘air conditioners’ which was a death nail for ceiling fans … until the energy crunch of the 1970s and 80s. People began again to seek lower energy consuming methods of cooling their homes. Only in the past several decades has it become popular for a home to have mounted fans in a room to produce continuous movement of the air. In warmer climates, this has assisted in the day to day happiness of millions of people.

Ceiling Fan Styles

Styles of fans vary dramatically from those that are just for air movement, some have higher end components like ornate light fixtures attached or remote controlled options.

Most blades are made from a wood material or a plastic material, usually determined by the application of indoor or outdoor rooms. Standard blade shapes are normal but variations like leaf or palm branches also have become desirable.

Styles range from 2 or 3 bladed to many bladed, each with varying efficiency. Sizes can be ‘mini’ as in several inches, to standard which is 42” all the way up to industrial fans from a popular company called Big Ass Fans.

Temperature Control

Although ceiling fans don’t technically reduce the temperature of the ambient air in a room, they do assist in reducing the staleness of stagnant air.

Stale air can produce perfect environments for molds and bacteria to grow. One way to reduce the possibility of mold growth is to install and run a ceiling fan.

Leaving a fan on the low setting throughout the day, even when no one is in a room, helps to keep a room feeling fresh upon entry. Combining the use of ceiling fans and an HVAC system is the most effective way to help ensure your comfort.

Room Decor

The perfect accent for almost any room in your house in Edmond, OK is a ceiling fan. You can easily enjoy the benefits of investing in new ceiling fans for your home for many years.


The normal lifespan of a ceiling fan can be as high as 20 years. Early cast iron models have been completely functional for up to 80 years. They easily will become a permanent fixture added to your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

When installing a new fan in any room in your house, start by determining the amount of airflow which you are desiring to produce in the room. Once, you’ve selected the fan and determined the airflow, then contact an Edmond Ceiling Fan Installation Electrician to perform the installation for you.

Ask yourself how fast would you like the air to move? The larger the blade design, the slower the spin will need to be on the fan, but modern designs have made narrow blades which spin faster capable of moving the same volume of air as the larger counterpart.

Fan Purchase

As with most purchases for your home, you must take into account several individual choices to personalize the space you live in: size, design, budget, and accessories are naming only a few. You will be pleased with your choice for keeping comfortable for many years to come.

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