residential and commercial electrical

Whatever your needs, whether they are commercial or residential, we will exceed your expectations and get the job done.

Commercial Electrician

If you’re in need of a commercial electrician in Edmond or Oklahoma City to boost the credibility of your organization, then you’ve come to the right place. For more than 40 years, Robert Baxter Electric has been the most trusted commercial electric provider.

We take great interest in helping small businesses reach their complete potential and along the way, give them top-notch electrical service so they can grow to new heights!

Need mood lighting in your restaurant? Then it is time to think about work from industrial electrician, Robert Baxter. Eye-catching lighting on your business can attract customers from all over the state and keep the morale of workers at an all-time high.

Delivering quality lighting and electricity is frequently vital to the achievement of your enterprise. Things like flickering lights both ruin the client’s expertise and jeopardize the productivity of your business.  This comes at a price for everyone.  And that’s not something you want to experience for your clients and customers.

Wide Variety of Services

Since our commercial electrician can adapt their work to any business, we offer a wide variety of services to meet all of the electrical demands of commercial properties across Oklahoma. If you think the electrical needs of your business are too obscure, then think again, because our commercial electrician can tackle it all.

Improved Safety

The level of electrical safety can either cause your business to flourish or fail. Businesses with poor electricity don’t last long and it’s up to you as a responsible business owner to keep customers and employees as safe as possible. This includes anything from functioning smoke detectors to decorative exterior lighting. You can count on our commercial electrical services to keep your business safe and successful.

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers happy isn’t just about the product. Delivering working electricity is essential to maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that keeps the customers coming back and employees working with greater motivation.

Residential Electrician

With regard to all the electrical wiring and electrical appliances in your home…everything from your spa to your home theater to your home office and everything in between, you will very likely need a professional electrician to help you with each and every residential wiring project.