My Fun Day in Edmond

I just had the most awesome day at Top Golf, in Edmond.

This place has a great atmosphere and it’s appropriate to bring the whole family.  Or just take a lunch break and go hit some golf balls and work out your frustrations! You could also bring a date here…if you both like eating food and playing golf.

Top Golf is definitely a great place to go and hang out with some friends and have some great fun along the way.

Their menu is extensive and they have everything from most of your common snack foods all the way to some fairly decent restaurant-type food.

They have pizza, chips and queso, salsa, Mexican Sushi (Mushi), Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Pulled Pork Sandwiches, just to name a few. I’m sure you can find at least one or two things on the menu to fill you up.

I had turkey lamb meatballs and even though they were a tad bit spicy, they came with this awesome dill sauce. One of my friends ate the hamburger. She said it was pretty good.

They have super creative appetizers. Like donut balls! You get to inject with them with a variety of fillings such as chocolate, vanilla cream, and raspberry. It’s so cool! …and they taste great!

Now, if you like to drink and golf, then they have you covered with a full bar. The drinks are reasonably priced, so go ahead….bottoms up! And they have shots, too.

If it happens to be a chilly day, they have heaters to keep you warm while you play golf.  Pretty cool, huh? It’s kinda like playing golf indoors.

Of course, there’s golf at Top Golf and its a ton of fun!

So if you have never been to a top golf, I recommend you try it at least once.

They have a machine they call the tracking machine and it’s pretty cool!

Of course, they have club sets for both men and women, so they have you covered there.

The atmosphere is loud but fun. I recommend an outing at Top Golf for both golfers and non-golfers alike.

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