If you’re considering a Remodel or a Room Addition to your business or your home, you will need to consult a professional, licensed electrician to make sure all the electrical wiring is up to code and does not cause a fire.

Renovation or Redesign

One of the most exciting things about home ownership is the ability to redesign rooms and structures to meet your individual needs. Simple renovations may include updating the lighting or changing out wall power receptacles.

Larger remodeling can be very extensive and include wall removal, room demolition or installing a new kitchen island or adding a new garage. No matter how extensive your ideas go, it is almost guaranteed that you will need some form of electrical modification.

Planning and Building Permits

Forethought is the most crucial portion when considering a project for renovation. The planning stage will account for all the details involved, including things like whether you need to get a building permit. How many materials will be required? What is the estimated time to complete the project? And how much will the project cost you? Simple renovations may be able to be completed by a DIYer on the weekend, but remodeling will typically always require the expertise of a specialty contractor.

Should I Do This Remodel Myself?

Determining whether the project is a job you would like to complete or if it is a more complicated situation in which you will need to reach out for professional assistance in Edmond, Oklahoma is important. It may be a good time to search for a licensed electrician near you or talk to a professional about what the job may require. Getting a few good quote estimates is wise and can be illuminating about how complex the outcome may be. You will hear a couple of well thought out examples of how you may want to complete the project. It may also give you more ideas that you may not have considered.

Unforeseen Remodel Events

Every renovation or remodel, no matter how big or small, will typically always include glitches and unforeseen situations. You must determine whether you want to be the one which has to answer for whatever it is, or would you prefer someone else to be responsible? In the line of electrical contracting, a professional has experience with handling all sorts of ‘unexpected’ dilemmas. From finding unexpected problems through troubleshooting to designing ‘workarounds’ when following building codes, Licensed Electrical Contractors are efficient, experienced and follow professional ethics.


So, let your mind dream up the idea and let a friendly hometown electrician do the work for you. You will see professional results that will keep you happy for many years. From minor to complex we are here for you.